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Banana oligosaccharide and dietary fiber composition and its preparation method and application

Ju Xiangyuan cooperates with food college of South China Agricultural University, the two sides developed a new type of banana products jointly and the market got a good repose. During the past four years, the average sales of products is 20 million yuan, the new profits and taxes is 2.2 million yuan, which make  significant economic and social benefits


Huge mushroom protoplast and its preparation method

Guangzhou Yue Wang Agricultural Co., Ltd. is an agricultural company that contains planting, agricultural science and technology research and selection and breeding . In 2012, the patent was applied to develop the product of the golden whip mushroom, which has a strong market competitiveness. Currently, the annual sales volume of the product is 12.58 million yuan, with a new tax revenue of 23.5 million yuan, and the economic and social benefits are significant.


Method for refining salt-roasted chicken and the preparation method of chicken powder

Guangdong Good Taste Food Co., Ltd. is a cooperative unit of production and research of South China Agricultural University, in 2012 , it jointly applied the key technology research and industrialization project of intensive processing of Cantonese-style poultry products and  applied the patent into production.


The application of l-cysteine and the long-term preservation method of low sulfur in fruit

Kanghui Group mainly produce cool fruit, candied fruit, since March 2014,it applied the patent of the south China agricultural university, it has realized the low sulfur, long-term preservation of fruit at room temperature, and developed the new fruit of low sulfur residual cake candied class , the product sales  reached 15 million yuan monthly, and the economic and social benefit is remarkable.


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