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 Food Institute has always attached great importance to the cultivation of graduate. Since the enrollment of graduate in 1994, with the continuous development of discipline construction, the scale of graduate has been rapidly expanded. At present, the number of graduate is 178, including 26 doctoral students. In terms of graduate training, the institute pays attention to the combination of academic level and comprehensive quality, formulates training plans, emphasizes the cultivation of innovative abilities of graduate and organizes various special activities in order to promote the overall progress and coordinated development of graduate. Currently graduate students have delivered more than 150 papers, more than 30 articles can be indexed in three major index. The previous employment rate graduate is 100%, including civil servant, university teacher, institutions, enterprises accounting more than 80%. Many graduate students have occupied important positions in the workplace. The overall graduate education showed a good momentum of development.


(A) Food science professional PhD training direction

1. Principle and technology of food processing and preservation (packaging)

2. Food quality and safety

3. Food Biotechnology

4. Food chemistry and nutrition


(B) Agricultural products processing and storage engineering PhD training direction

1. Agricultural products processing and packaging engineering

2. Agricultural products postharvest physiology and storage engineering

3. Food bio-engineering

4. Biological resources chemistry and utilization


(C) Microbiology PhD training direction

1. Microbial Functional Genomics

2. Microbial genetic engineering

3. Microbial resources development and utilization

4. Mycology

5. Microbiology and Immunology

6. Plant Virology

7. Microbial functional protein research and utilization


(D) "Food science and engineering" a first-level master's degree in graduate education.


1. Food science major(research direction)

 (1)food processing and preservation packaging;

 (2) Food Chemistry and Nutrition;

(3)Food Quality and Safety;

4)Food Biotechnology;

(5) Food Microbiology;


2. Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products (research direction)

1) Food Processing Technology and Equipment;

(2) Food Chemistry;

(3) Applied Microorganisms;

(4) Postharvest Physiology and Storage of Agricultural Products);


3. Food, grease and plant protein engineering


4. Aquatic products processing and storage engineering


(E) Microbiology graduate training direction

1. Microbiology and Immunology

2. Microbial Functional Genomics

3. Microbial and plant interactions

4. Agricultural Microbiology

5. Microbial resources development and utilization

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