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College of Food Science, South China Agricultural University, was founded by famous fruit and vegetable storage and processing experts and professors Li Peiwen and others in 1983 on the basis of storage and processing of agricultural products. In 1994, the Department of Food Science was founded and renamed as College of Food Science in 2001. The first-class discipline food science and engineering was evaluated as the key discipline (the first level) in Guangdong Province, ranking the forefront in national assessment of similar discipline.

 We have 4 departments of food science, food engineering, bioengineering and packaging engineering and 1 teaching experimental center. We own many provincial and ministerial level scientific research and teaching platforms: Guangdong Key Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety, the Laboratory of Food Processing and Technology coorganized by the CPC and the local government, the Quality of Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory of Agricultural Products Storage by the Ministry of Agriculture(Guangzhou), Guangdong Animal Product Processing and Quality Control Technology Research Center, Guangdong Food Safety Emergency Detection Technology Research Center, Guangdong Food Safety Inspection and Risk Control Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Natural Product Bio-engineering Technology Research Center. The existing staffs are 87 people, including 19 professors, 9 doctoral tutors 31 associate professors, 5 senior experimentalists, with a doctorate accounted for 82.7%. Besides, we have several provincial and ministerial level platforms for research and education, including the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety, Food Processing Technology Laboratory coorganized by the CPC and local government, Quality and Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory

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