Our teaching staff, 65 full time teachers and researchers (86% with Ph.Ds., 32% with oversea experienced), 17 are full professors, 13 are Ph.D. supervisor.

Meanwhile, our faculty has 1 member of the national Ten Thousand Talents Program, 2 provincial distinguished teachers, 2 National agricultural industry technical system post specialists, National young and middle-aged leaders of scientific and technological innovation/Leading talents of science and technology innovation in Guangdong, 1 Gainer of Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Youth, 1 Guangdong special plan plans to innovate young top-notch talents, 4 provincial training objects of Guangdong province Qianbaishi” project, 2 Pearl River science and technology star, 1 Vice chairman of Teaching Guidance Committee of food science and engineering specialty of Ministry of Education, 1 Vice president of Guangdong food safety Society/Vice chairman of Guangdong Nutrition Society, 1 counselor of Guangdong government, 1 honored as Working Model of Guangdong Province.

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