Foreign Cooperation and Exchange

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We have established research and talent training partnerships with universities in the United States, Britain, Japan and Thailand, and have conducted extensive academic communication and exchanges with famous universities such as Queen's University Belfast and Washington State University. More than 20 young teachers have been sent abroad to study or visit, and nearly 40 people have attended international academic conferences and scientific research cooperation.

In recent years, we have introduced a number of internationally renowned food scholars as Ding Ying lecture professors, such as professor Chen Mingzao from Da-yeh Univeristy in Taiwan and professor Huang Qingrong from Rutgers.The lecturer professors actively participated in the academic research held by teachers and students in our college. Some professors also participated in the research activities of relevant research groups, and participated in guiding students’ practice and innovation activities, which laid a good foundation for broadening the academic horizons of teachers and students of our college. The professors also carried out in-depth scientific research cooperation with many research teams in our college, which greatly promoted the improvement of our academic level and the internationalization process.

At present, the College and the University of California, Davis jointly undertake the national key R&D program and international cooperation key projectNanobody-based food safety rapid detection technology and product research (Project No.: 2016YFE0106000); Guangdong Science and Technology Program International Cooperation Project “Agricultural Products Research on New Technology for Safety Emergency Detection (Project No.: 2014A050503059)”; Guangdong Natural Science Foundation Key Project “Base of Non-competitive Immunoassay of Small Molecular Chemical Contaminants Based on Phage Display NanopeptidesModel with Malachite Green (Project No.: 2014A030311403)” . The college and BIBRAS of the Russian Academy of Biological Sciences also jointly undertake the research and demonstration application of the rapid detection technology for drug residue visualization in Sino-Russian cooperative animal source foods with(201807010109). Our college, together with the university of Moscow in Russia and Queen’s University Belfast, has jointly declared one major project of international cooperation innovation platform for ordinary universities in guangdong province, and “Guangdong food safety technology haizhi workstation” has been awarded excellent in 2017 annual assessment. In addition, the college has an active international academic exchange. In recent years, it has completed a number of foreign exchanges in Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States successfully. We also invited dozens of internationally renowned experts and scholars to come and exchange lectures successfully. The college has held nearly 50 academic reports every year, which has created conditions for further research and teaching exchanges and cooperation.

We carry out international cooperation actively. In 2016, the College signed a joint training program for the ‘2+2’ International Course on Food Science and Engineering with the University of Dublin, and began enrolling students in September. In 2018, the “3+1+1” international cooperation class was held with the National University of Singapore. In the past five years, 69 exchange students have been sent to exchange with famous universities in the United States, Canada, and Taiwan. It broadens the horizons of students and enhances their ability and confidence.

We will continue to expand and strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation and accelerate the pace of internationalization of the college.

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